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Philosophy of Ministry

 Good News  Church of Mosinee is a Christ-centered church. Christ is not only the one who is the center of our attention, He is the One who holds all things together by His love. He is "The Heart of God" that fills the hearts of His people. We are a people who desire to worship Him and serve Him with our lives because we love Him.

Our love for Jesus is the strength of our fellowship and this provides the unity of the Spirit that binds us together as His body. The Good News Church is a fun-loving, people-loving family of God that seeks to please God in all that we say and do because we love Him. Our desire is to provide a loving, caring, accepting atmosphere in order that the Holy Spirit might be able to work freely to do His work.

The Good News Baptist Church is a Christ-controlled church. Jesus Christ is the head of His body, the church, and all persons who have repented and been born of the Spirit are subject to Him. Jesus directs His church in the person of the Holy Spirit, primarily through the teaching of His Word. We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God. God has provided His thoughts and His direction for the body in His Word. The Bible reflects and contains His commands, His counsel and His purpose for the church and every believer. Christ is the true source of all the church is and does, and His glory is to be the objective of every act, function, and motive of the body, both individually and corporately.

The Good News Baptist Church is a Christ-contained church. The church is not only in Christ, but Christ dwells and acts in her. The purpose of the church is to manifest Christ to a lost world and to provide a place where He can be worshipped, His teachings lived out, His love revealed, and His kingdom proclaimed in word and deed. One of the primary goals of the church must be the life transformation of each of its members in order that Christ might be glorified. This desire to reveal Christ will motivate us in all that we say and do. As we await His return, we will seek to be all things to all people in order that by the grace of God we might win some. In order to accomplish this, we will pursue a four-fold purpose: exaltation, edification, evangelism, extension.

Our approach to ministry will be: intentional, progressive, conservative, compassionate, and personal. The Holy Spirit is the source of God's power. We will allow Him to work in and through each individual to produce fruit and provide gifts to do the work of the ministry. We will recognize all the gifts of the Spirit which are given for the up-building of the whole body, the bearing of one another's spiritual and temporal burdens, and the work of the ministry in evangelism and extension. We will always seek to remember that the Holy Spirit's role is to indwell and control believers in order to conform them into the character of Christ.