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Jesus came to earth on a rescue mission.  We are the people He came to rescue. The Gospel of John begins at the beginning, sending us back to Genesis to why we needed rescuing in the first place. It reminds us of a problem, alienation from God. It assures us of the solution, Jesus, the one who came to bring light and life.

Here are the topics and Scriptures we’ll be exploring in the series:

A New Dawn – John 1:1-13 (2/11/18)

Jesus: Full of Grace and Truth – John 1:14-18 (2/25/18)

Revealing the Messiah – John 1:19-34 (3/04/18)

Discipleship: Follow and See – John 1:35-51 (3/18/18)

Relationship Over Religion – John 2:1-11 (3/25/18)

Jesus’ Passion: Zeal for God’s House – John 2:12-25 (4/01/18- Easter)

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